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Responsibility 2048: Building Trust in a Fragmented Society​

Responsibility 2048 was established in 2012 with the vision of preparing the millennial generation to take more responsibility for the quality of their local community in a rapidly changing, individualistic world, and increasingly fragmented society.​


Responsibility 2048 facilitates long-term public change by developing a generation of leaders who will be forward-thinking, responsible, trustworthy and community-oriented. The program teaches fundamental concepts pertaining to social responsibility, the local government, and the common good. Through problem-based learning and mentoring, participants are given the tools and opportunity to identify needs and seek solutions in order to improve their local environment. Once they have researched and developed concrete solutions, they work with representatives of their local municipalities to implement their projects and bring them to fruition. 


Responsibility 2048 is a revolutionary educational program fostering social entrepreneurship and building trust, towards a better future. 


End of year national symposium 2018​

End of year national symposium 2017​

During the last six years, Responsibility 2048 has had approximately 12,000 participants in 70 municipalities around the country. It has become a budding social movement that will ensure a brighter future for generations to come. 


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