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Participants – Significantly increase the number of participants in the program. Our goal is to reach up to 50,000 participants in the formal educational system over the next three years, and up to 20,000 participants in the informal educational system.

Teachers – Enrich teacher training and supervision, emphasizing cross-sectoral meetings and activities.

Principals – Create an infrastructure of between sectorial cooperation, as well as a focused training program specifically designed for principals.

Create an Identity – We aim to expand the program within the individual schools, and to reach the level that the whole school speaks a common language that includes the fundamental concepts and branding of Responsibility 2048.

Parents – Jump-start the creation of "parent circles"– where parents serve as mentors, at both the school and municipal levels.

Mentors - Create a network of mentors on a national level. The mentors will include individuals, corporations, and institutions who will support the participants and their projects.

Mayors – Form the Responsibility 2048 Mayor's Parliament, which will be an infrastructure for national level cooperation between the mayors of different cities.

Collaboration – Build partnerships with key organizations, such as The National Service (Sherut Leumi), the youth movements, the pre-military academies, Davidson Institution, Be'er Sheva Science Park, Community Centers, Colleges and Universities.

Diaspora – Create an infrastructure of collaboration between the schools and municipalities participating in Responsibility 2048 and Jewish communities, Jewish Federations, Synagogues, JCC's, IAC's, schools, Taglit alumnae in the diaspora, etc.

Technology - Develop a web and mobile application that sits atop a cloud-based relational database to serve as a data depot and communication platform for all world-wide participants of Responsibility 2048 activities. Participants will be able to access information about past and current projects, teachers, and mentors. Coaching tips will be easily accessible from and for teachers and project leaders. It will also provide tools for proposing, assigning, tracking, and evaluating projects.​

Moving Forward


During the last five years, Responsibility 2048 has been having a significant impact on both the local and national levels. There have been over 8000 participants in the program, which operates in 70 municipalities around the country. Over twenty are municipalities from Arab, Druze and Bedouin communities.  Over 100 community projects are already implemented around the nation. Our focus is on developing responsible social entrepreneurship and trust through cognitive and emotional enhancement. Responsibility 2048 has already set the foundations for an active social movement that will positively change the face of the nation.


During the last five years, Responsibility 2048 has grown exponentially. Many local communities are participating in the program, and many more would like to come on board. In order to ensure that we continue to expand and to positively influence communities around the country, we greatly need your support and assistance!



We intend to grow the program in the following areas:

Join us on our mission! If you are able to provide us with resources, knowledge or financial support, please contact us and we will get back to you a.s.a.p. to see how we can join forces!